<the 11th DIMF Awards ON AIR>
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▪Channel : KBS World

▪Schedule(Korea Standard Time) : 

Fri. 11th August @5pm-6:30pm

Sat. 12th August @1am-3am

Sun. 13th August @10:30am-11:50am

Mon. 14th August @7:30am-8:50



Are you out of Korea? It’s okay.

You can still enjoy the 11th DIMF Awards 

where all the regional and international

musical stars have joined together to celebrate! 

Anyone from 102 countries can watch it right in their room.

Choose one of the dates from below and turn your TV on!


ON AIR : http://kbsworld.kbs.co.kr/vod/onair.php?p_no=onair 

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