Beautiful, Sad Day  포스터

Beautiful, Sad Day

7. 7(Fri)~7. 9(Sun)
Fri 19:30|Sat 15:00, 19:00|Sun 14:00
Daegu Cultural and Art Center Biseul hall 위치보기
All seats 20,000
Running Time
Theater Company CT
This new Korean musical tells the story of one of the three patriotic... open
This new Korean musical tells the story of one of the three patriotic deeds during the Japanese Occupancy: the bombing of the Joseon Bank Daegu Office. Set in 1927, the musical depicts the life of the people in the midst of the country’s upheaval: Jang Jin-hong, an anti-Japanese fighter who did not fear for his life in achieving Korea’s independence, a poet and independence fighter Lee Yook-sa whose poems sang the conscience of the nation and the spirit of freedom, and Choi Seok-hyun, a Korean who became a police officer for the Japanese government for his success. Through these characters the hopes, dreams, and the spirit of freedom that independence fighters at the time longed for live on. They are made all the more memorable through the poems of Lee Yook-sa. close
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